We have a 43' x 19' grooming area with three baths - one normal bath with an electric shower over, one hydro-bath and an electric bath, so there is never any need for students to queue to bath their dog.. 

We have 8 hydraulic/electric tables. We have four different types of driers - forced air driers, stand driers, 2 drying cabinets and a cage dryer, so students can try all the different drying methods. We also have a variety of electric clippers available for students' use and a vast array of grooming equipment.

 We also have a quiet study area for students to use when they are not grooming, together with a growing library of books and videos with a combined TV/Video available. We are situated next door to a food shop with a bakery opposite. There is a fish and chip shop and several pubs in the village, so there are plenty of options for lunch, although most students opt for a quick sandwich in the study area or in the Millennium Garden . This is a communal area about 20 yards from our shop, which is a very pleasant place to sit for lunch on a sunny day among'st the flowers and trees. We also have a kitchen area with tea/coffee facilities available throughout the day.


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