Here we have just a few comments - feedback given from some of our previous customers 

'Its now 12 months since my course and I am running

a successful business, with an excellent reputation.

Thanks for helping to change my life!' 

Christine Saunders, 

Whitchurch Dog Grooming, Bristol

'The great thing is how flexible the training can be.

I have had to fit it around my job. Also you learn at

your own pace - as slow or as fast as you like.

Mandy Templar, Bridgwater 

'Lesley enabled me to embark on my new career as a dog groomer,

at amazing speed. I still rely on her for tutoring from time

to time and her support is unquestionable. What a star!' 

Maggie Channell, 

Hair of the Dog, Wimborne 

'As a late comer to a career in dog grooming, I wanted to ensure

I chose the right training centre for me. I visited Lesley at

Canine Design and instantly knew I wanted to train there.

I definitely made the right choice! I now have a successful new

grooming business. Thank you to Lesley for making me believe I

could do it!' 

Sue Budd, Hairy Hounds, Poole 

Thank you so very much for everything. I have had an excellent time with you all. I could not have had better tuition, work colleagues, support - every aspect has been a joy. (Apart from when I've made stupid mistakes!) Thank you so much for my certificates - I was VERY pleased with the grades you gave me and the comments you made were very generous and appreciated. I just always wish I could do better. I am so lucky to have met you all and been made to feel such a part of something I love, I knew I would. It has been so nice to meet people of a like mind regarding animals, especially you. You have taught me so much in many ways not just the grooming. You really have got the perfect personality to do what you do which is obviously why your business is so successful and such a happy work environment. I couldn't bear not to be coming back on a regular basis in the future, for work experience and demonstration days. The latter is such a good idea of yours for keeping everyone in touch with what is going on and continuing to be part of your establishment. I would really love to get to a stage where I can go on to do the higher City & Guilds exam..............

I would also like to add that I think Tina is the most superb teacher, she breaks everything up into very clear/understandable parts, never leaves anything out, never misses an opportunity to add an important piece of advice, and has enormous patience. xx Lucille and a big hug for Herman





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