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Lady Saloon Shampoo
4 litres - £32.50
200ml - £6

This protein shampoo is specially formulated for all coat types. Lady Saloon is particularly recommended for animals that need frequent washing, as it will not dry out their coats. It brightens coat colours, gives a professional sheen, leaving a light and pleasant fragrance.

Lady Protein Shampoo
4 litres - £49.00
200ml - £7.50

This shampoo is formulated with high quality proteins and has been made for use on all types of coat. Lady Protein nourishes the hair and skin, helps hair growth, and protects the coat colour while adding a luxurious shine. This is a multi-use top-of-the-line protein filled shampoo

Lady Texture Shampoo
4 litres - £69
200 ml £8.50

This shampoo is formulated with structuring proteins. It has been formulated to smooth and soften thick or coarse hair, while making it easy to style. It nourishes the coat and skin, helps hair growth and protects coat colours. It also increases volume as it silkens and softens the animal’s coat

Lady White Shampoo
4 litres - £49
200 ml - £7.50

This protein rich shampoo has been specially created for pets with white or light-coloured coats. Lady White is suitable for all coat types, enhances and unifies coat colours. In addition to protect the coat from turning yellow, it helps hair-growth, adds shine and eases brushing. Excellent when used in conjunction with Demel’ex

Colognes - £9

Vanilla , Coconut & Almond

Lovely scented fragrances that will hide unpleasant odours, instantly and effectively absorbing these smells, leaving a pleasant fragrance on the coat. Excellent when used to give a final finishing touch after a bath and very popular with customers

Ring Parade Shine/Finishing Spray


This beautiful spray imparts volume and shine. Specially formulated to help prepare dogs for the show ring but excellent when used as a final finish on your salon dogs, giving you that edge over the competition. 


Volumising mousse (excellent for Westie heads)

The foam forms a protective coating on the coat and increasing its volume. Excellent for Westie heads and any time when you wish to add volume to the coat

Lady Magic
200ml  - £9

This oil-free de-matting conditioner lightly dampens the fur, allowing the products active components to effectively aid in the de-matting and fur brushing process. It is suitable for all breeds of dogs, cats and domestic animals with medium length to long fur.




Due to problems with overseas delivery, we are at moment only able to supply to UK addresses.

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 Demel'ex won 'Best Product' in the Liz Paul Industry Awards in 2013


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Lady Magic. This is a dematting spray by Ladybel and is an alternative to Demel'ex for dogs or people with sensitive skin and is safe for cats.

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